About Us

Alliance for Women Advancement was founded in 2012 as a national nongovernmental organization in Liberia, aimed at addressing some of the numerous challenges that compromise the rights, wellbeing and advancement of girls and women. ALWA works with women and girls in Liberia, linking them to information, services and opportunities to advancement their rights and wellbeing. ALWA provides safe space, live skills, reproductive health education and technical skills for adolescent girls and young women.
ALWA is currently receiving funding from the Swiss Government through the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC) to implement a Girls Empowerment Project (GEP).
From October 2014 when it became operational to March 2016, ALWA’s activities were funded withmaterial and financial support from individuals in Liberia including Mr. S. Eric Dentor, Rev. Joseph Gardea Johnson III and the Restoration Baptist Ministries, its founder Mrs. Doris Maholo-Saydee as well as other individuals through cash and material donation.

Our Mission & Vision

Alliance for Women Advancement (ALWA) is a women and community driven organization dedicated to advancing the rights and welfare of women and girls through a community-based approach that builds on collective strength and resources of communities to tackle factors that undermine the advancement of women and communities. ALWA aims, through its country programs to promote the rights of women and girls and to help expand their opportunities to reach their full potential and make meaningfully contribution to society. In short, “to empower women and build resilient communities.”

ALWA envisions healthy and productive communities where there are equal rights and opportunities for all

Our Board of Directors

ALWA’s Board of Directors is a diverse group of legal, peace-building practitioners and women’s rights advocates who provide general oversight, leadership, technical support and also lead fundraising and projects and policies development.

Our Management Team

ALWA’s Management Team currently consist of a team of five delegated staff who lead the day to day activities of the organization including project implementation and a host of part-time volunteers who provide technical support and guidance.

We are about restoring hope and dignity

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